I speak wisdom
I breath Light
I excrete the darkness as I eat the right
I’ve left the carnal
and entered the real.

I’ve centered my substance of things I cant feel
on the hoped for things
and the hope of things more surreal
I hope my evidence is clear
at least clear enough for our frail minds to meet

..so I tend not to look at defeat
because I choose not to look at the leap.
Because there’s nothing there but my feet and I see
that its never me in  performing the feat
but my wings are the things that created this kingdom

he speaks wisdom
he breathes life
He speaks to the darkness and created the right
and his light has surely changed my life

I have exited the carnival of life seeming sublime
for a more secure state of mind
not merely a mental state I find
but its a search to illuminate mankind
and a search to eliminate myself
because of all the different things I’ve felt
none are as strong as his selfless help

the way he gave up his self and health
to make my faith and save me from my hell
and us from ourselves
and save you as well

He speaks wisdom
so I can breathe light
I excrete darkness because he feeds me right
I’ve left my silence for the things not seen
and my faith speaks volumes for me

btw: mywingsareHiswordsforthosewhohaventheard

(Origianally on my old BreatheLight.. this one was a little edited.. aka better haha)


1 Oh Israel, flex your necks, for they are stiff and are constantly turned away.
2 Return to The Lord,
3 The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth
4 Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin.
5 And even He is our righteousness
6 The Lord who gives of abundance and gave of His commodity
7 Return to the first love of your hearts and the intended bridegroom
8 Our salvation and sacrifice who calls us his righteousness and his chosen people
9 For he has called us to repent and return to our place of power
10 Allow your hardened hearts to be eroded by his waves of love. He will make your hearts pearls of salvation.
11 Rejoice in the Lord our God. Ever faithful and just, providing justification and dispensing love.
12 Great is our God and blessed is the man the trust in him only
13 Be blessed

1Hallelu Yahweh! Great is your name, Oh Lord.
2 You fill with Joy to the brim. Even to the overflowing your new wine runs.
3 I will revel in your teachings and in your way I find happiness.
4 You fill my heart with laughter and it is a song to you.
5 Its lyrics light up the room and it resounds in the ears of sinners like the melody of singers.
6 You are the chorus and the rhythm. You are the chords in the beginning and end. And the melody is you.
7 Your spirit is the chant that all can join into. The lost and broken long to learn it but do not know it.
8 It’s notation is love and it’s manuscript is peace. Easy to read and lifting the heavy hearted.
9 Everyday I will sing this song from you to you. Your spirit in me will conduct it. Your descended presence will amplify it and to you it is dedicated.
10 Great is your song, Oh Lord.
11 From the highest of mountains, to the Valleys and Hills; forever you’ll be praised.

1 Hear my cry, Oh Lord, and have mercy on me.
2 I have heard your voice and hid in a wilderness.
3 In sin and shame have I made my bondage and with rebellion have I joined company.
4 You have freed us through your Christ. The Messiah has brought Joy to those ransomed into Israel!
5 Who will deny a gift and return to their captors? Does a dog refuse food and return to his waste? So why then should your children return to the ways of Egypt.
6 Lord according to your loving kindess remove the strength of my flesh.
7 Destroy the strongholds of habit and complacency. Remove the might of a misguided mind.
8 For you are stronger. Sin is broken. You have saved us.
9 The weight of the sins of the world were placed on your sinless shoulders.
10 In innocence you died and in victory you did rise. The power in your hand was used to redeem us and distributed to us.
11 The power to rise above the snake and scorpions and to lord over the devil is ours in you forever.
12 It is written; Christ is risen. Jesus, you are Lord of all.

Psalmist and Soldiers
Worshipers and Warriors
Minstrels and Mercenaries
And all of the like

Join in the singing
The time is beginning
The battle hymn beckons
the start of the fight

The King is calling
near and far to
big and small,
all clothed in his might,

to storm The Gates
The Earth awaits
the sons of God
to cut with His light

The sword is a song
His word makes it strong
Like a Smith, it has made it
Our mouths are it’s sheath

His Love is the metal
and we’re instrumental
to swinging the way
to the devil’s defeat

We’re singing our way
to the devil’s defeat

We’re singing away
’til the revelings cease
And the rebelling peaks
‘Cuz the god of this world wants nothing of peace
And the God of it all put it within our reach
to keep singing and praying
seeking and playing
and creating our way to the devil’s defeat.

So I’ll sing every word ’til the song is complete

And I’ll sing every song ’til he’s under my feet

“Options is a beautiful thing…”
Or at least those are the lyrics to the song that I sing
to every female that I thought would be my next best fling since sliced bread but itstead leaves me nursing a wing

“I’m still fly!”
So someone tell me why this is the cover of a brother who is ready to die before he let’s a woman ever see the tear in his eye that she caused when she paused when he said I.L.Y.

“There’s plenty o’ fish in the sea!”
But lady, I have seen the sharks and fishing just aint for me.
I’m just trying to be transparent like a jellfish with a spine.
Brave and smoothe, strong and refined for you. Because I find that not many guys nowadays can tell the difference between a goldfish and a mermaid. I’m just trying to let you know I know that your fine, but that’s only a part of the line.
The hook you sing to my heart has me baited, abating my mind, elating but eating my sanity away day by day….

But instead I’ll say
That their are options to which you belong
And that the chord you strike with my innermost being is a part of the same old song
When really you’re all I want
You’re all there is.
My only palatable option.
And this Option is a beautiful thing.

Back at it again
Free from them
Free from the tyrany of 140
Poetry unfettered
Unrefined and free and unmined
Less coal and more Shine
Less cold and more fire
Less counting, more mind
My minds been racing, but just pacing back and forth
I hadta turn to this cat and say “What are you waiting for?!”
I replied to me “Seasons change in their own time. So while the Sun has his day, I’ll pace and wait for mine”

And the time is at hand.
So, as the story began,
I found a new means of writing
And I’m back at it again.

Love is blind.

Isn’t that ironic.

That the thing we seek can’t see.

We seem to be enraptured by the thought

But the course, of course, never seems to meet our feet. And our hearts never seem to meet.

Indeed we could potentially be the greatest us since Adam and Eve.

Indeed, you see, is the highest degree of a decree.

Because I am so sure.

But the course, of course, is not a blind man’s path to trod.

But like a bad man looks to God, I need you.

But God is Love

And like Love, you seem to be blind.

To turn a blind eye to an open heart,

To give the cold shoulder to a warm embrace,

is like panhandeling in the desert:

It just won’t make sense to this great man that thinks with his heart and has an IQ of caring.

Maybe I owe it to myself to be more humble and more daring.

But the course, of course, is of Passion, coals and fire.

And a warm heart burned once is always twice as shy. Or

maybe all it take’s is that ribbon in the sky.

I’ll take the leap and not look down, adopting Love’s blind eye.

They say “Who’s the lucky girl?”, with coy smiles waiting in the wings.


Wings arched for flight, she descends.

Sending “yes”s and “amen”s from crown to tailbone


Hailstone hearts melt and stonecold eyes smile

Some pull cell phone cameras from fake Fendi and snap, pause, flash

The sunshine smiles, then there’s a smile’s flash. Perfection in the flesh takes rest.

She stops


He breathes out “Lemme introduce you to Hip Hop.

I met this girl when I was twelve years old.

and what I loved most: she HAD so much soul…”




In the beginning there was the word.

In the beginning; Let there be light

In the beginning there was the word and light. And sound. The sound of the words “Let there be light” vibrating, ringing, beating, breathing light into a plane that was void and with no form. Barren made to life as The Word BreathesLight.

This is an example of my heartbeat. Some hear the hearts palpitations. Those close to mine hear vain imaginations and a beat so cold that Kanye pays it homage. But then life entered as little eyes saw the light for the first time and cried.

Maybe because of the beauty that was beheld as this a baby being held sees something so bright, so new. Is this life? and as quickly as life enters, pain follows suit. As the hand of a man strikes the bottom of a youth, What the hell did I do to you??

This is an example of my heartbeat. Some hear the hearts palpitations. Those close to mine hear vain imaginations and a beat so cold winter pays it homage…